Through the latest version of Inbox, you can swipe left to snooze select emails and quickly tell them to snooze to much more convenient times.

These little improvements to email can make life a lot easier so download or update the Inbox app to check it out.

Since its inception it seems that Inbox, by Google’s Gmail team, has had the goal of streamlining your email experience in mind. One of these features is the very useful ability to snooze emails until a certain day and time of your choosing.

The snooze option will be seen on the right side and mostly on emails related to package tracking updates, restaurant and event reservations, calendar invites, flight confirmations, hotel reservations and rental auto reservations.

Google, known to add timely tweaks to its products, has now updated Inbox by Gmail with a new snooze feature.

So, if you’re snoozing a restaurant reservation, you’ll now have the option to set the reminder for an hour before that time. Your flight reservations will see an option to snooze until the day before you board the plane.

The new snooze capability uses the email content to suggest when the message should re-appear. What that means is that digital tickets for a concert or even mailed to you will show up at the top of your inbox right when it’s time to check in.