CHICAGO (AP) – The Illinois Department of Employment Security says the state’s unemployment rate dropped to 5.9 percent in June.

The national unemployment rate for June was 5.3 percent.

Education and health services was the biggest gaining sector in June, up 3,200 jobs last month.

Seasonally adjusted figures show Kansas gained 12,300 private sector jobs since past year. Moving forward it’s anticipated that the unemployment rate will continue its downward trend if our state adds more jobs than are lost, the number of people looking for employment stays the same or decreases, and the resident labor force remains fairly static.

Pennsylvania’s civilian labor force rose 7,000 from May to 6,423,000. This movement out of the job market was unexpected but it reflects what happened this month at the national level. There were 81,504 continued claims in June, up from 70,450 the previous month and down from 87,190 in June 2014. The labor force is the total number of people, both employed and unemployed, over the age of 16.

State Department of Administration officials say Arizona’s jobless rate still is far below past year at this time when it was at 6.8 percent. ESD paid unemployment benefits to 57,225 people.

Total nonfarm jobs decreased by 2,700 in June to 5,847,400. Arizona’s recent growth is average for the country, but far slower than the state’s historic performance and also explains why Arizona, one of the hardest hits state by the Great Recession, has struggled to replace the jobs it lost in that downturn.