WASHINGTON The White House said on Friday that if the U.S. Congress rejects the Iran nuclear agreement, then Iran will not face any consequences for its actions.

White House has cautioned a hostile Republican controlled Congress against killing the historic Iran nuclear deal saying loss of support from countries like India would lead to a collapse of the sanctions regime.

These countries “previously relied heavily on the importation of Iranian oil and by scaling back their oil purchases that had a negative impact on Iran’s economy but also had a negative impact on the domestic economy of those individual countries“, he pointed out. “The problem is, Iran is going to get all of that money and the USA doesn’t get anything for it”.

Under the accord that was brokered between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, plus Germany, Tehran will begin to receive much-needed sanctions relief once it verifiably curtails its nuclear program and submits to global inspections of its nuclear program. They’re going to take away 13,000 centrifuges. They’re going to overhaul and essentially dismantle, or all but dismantle, their plutonium reactor at Arak.

When asked if the Saudis supported the nuclear deal, Earnest said that he would let each country speak for themselves.

Chris Murphy warned that a decision by Congress not to approve the Iran nuclear deal in the next two months would significantly undermine Obama’s presidential legitimacy, and the legitimacy of all presidents who follow him.

Iran has all the time denied fees that it was looking for to construct a nuclear bomb, insisting its nuclear programme was for peaceable functions exclusively.