Video streaming service provider Hulu is exploring plans to add an advertisement-free option to its service for a monthly subscription of between $12 and $14, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Now the Wall Street Journal reports that Hulu is considering a new option that will let subscribers pay more money in order to get rid of the ads. At the moment, Hulu customers pay $7.99 per month and still have to endure ad breaks.

While Hulu doesn’t have access to everything that airs on network television, the company does offer many current shows from broadcast and cable networks within hours or days of their original air date.

But the new offering could help Hulu better compete with its biggest rivals, Netflix and Amazon Prime, which have both always been without ads. Codenamed “NOAH”: “No Ads Hulu”, the service may be launched as early as autumn.

Hulu is owned by Comcast, Disney and Fox. In June, they announced that Showtime shows will be added, although this will be yet another tier. Hulu has just 9 million subscribers, while Netflix said this week that it is up to 65 million around the world.

The paid version, which until recently was called Hulu Plus, has more programming, and allows for viewing on other devices, like game consoles, mobile phones and tablets, and streaming boxes that connect to your TV, like Roku and Apple TV.