“We believe that if we can stay healthy and get a break here or there, we will be a factor in who decides the SEC West, and we’re excited about getting it kicked off”, Freeze said.

A big reason for that improvement: The program’s big-name recruiting class from 2013 that has improved each season. Ole Miss was picked a clear fifth in the SEC West.

Ole Miss players Laquon Treadwell, Evan Engram, Laremy Tunsil, and Robert Ndkemdiche accompany the Bulldog senior quarterback on the first team. Freeze has previously acknowledged as much, but pointed out that Tunsil was fully allowed to meet with agents as long as he did not accept any gifts.

If the 2015 season began on Thursday, Freeze said Tunsil would “absolutely” be on the field, according to a report from The Clarion Ledger. Last month, Tunsil was arrested on a domestic violence charge for allegedly assaulting Miller.

“Very often cases are tried in the media before they get to go to trial”. But that’s not necessarily the case at Ole Miss, and those worries might be even more pronounced after four-star freshman Eric Swinney suffered a stress fracture in his leg.

“I have no idea who the starter is going to be”, Richt said. Vying for the job are Ryan Buchanan and Chad Kelly.

“I applaud our Governor for setting the initiative to remove the flag”, Spurrier said.

“In the late ’90s our school made a move in a direction away from the flag so our school has kind of made up its mind of where it’s at”, Freeze said.

Debate about Mississippi’s flag and other Confederate symbols reignited after the June 17 massacre of nine worshippers at a black church in Charleston, S.C. The man charged in the slayings had posed with the Confederate battle flag in photos posted online before what police said was a racially motivated attack. He says that while he is “not a political figure” he believes “it’s time we move in a different direction and change the flag”.

Both Ole Miss and Mississippi State already have issued statements in support of changing the state flag, which has featured the Confederate emblem since 1894.

For African-Americans in Mississippi, the removal of these hurtful symbols from their state’s most influential institution of higher learning couldn’t come fast enough.

He wants a state flag that doesn’t represent hate to a good number of those who live in his state or play for his football team. Critics see it as a symbol of a defiant white supremacist society that fought to perpetuate slavery and segregation.

Mississippi’s flag features a Confederate flag in the upper left-hand corner and has resulted in the NCAA banning the state from hosting championship events.

LOS ANGELES (WTVA/Ole Miss Athletics) – The Ole Miss football team’s victory over top-ranked Alabama last season was named the Best Upset of the past year at the ESPYs Wednesday night.