It’s a slice of bubblegum punkishness that marinates in elements of Good Charlotte and My Chemical Romance while still sounding recognizably 5 Seconds of Summer. Today (July 17) they’ve released “She’s Kinda Hot” and it’s immediately clear that the band wants to explore the “pop” aspect of “pop punk”.

At its core, “She’s Kinda Hot” is a quirky little number, with marimbas sitting just below the surface of the picked guitar work in the opening verses.

5 Seconds of Summer have announced the title of their new single, and it’s looking like they’re not so sure about that flawless girl these days.

Within hours of its official release, the song had reached #1 on the United States iTunes single sales chart. It’s territory rock bands have been exploring for decades, but 5SOS proudly carry the torch on “She’s Kinda Hot“. The said site featured a clock that ticked down to the last minute and while fans thought the big reveal would finally happen, many fans were left hanging when they saw the boys playing video games for 20 minutes. If you don’t get it, you’ve already aged out of the market. (Who are we kidding, of course it will, it’s 5SOS!).