In the video, Nucatola says abortionists harvest organs from fetuses based on what body parts are desired.

Not only has Planned Parenthood killed over 7 million innocent babies in their chain of abortion clinics but now undercover video by the Center for Medical Progress – part of a three year investigative journalism study-shows high ranking Planned Parenthood officials explaining how they sell and profit from the sale of the organs of their victims.

In Washington, House Speaker John Boehner said he had asked the appropriate congressional committees to look into “the grisly practices embraced by Planned Parenthood“.

The video was quickly revealed to have been heavily edited – and by a group with a history of such distortions – in a way that warps the reproductive healthcare organization’s involvement in tissue-donation programs. The Committee’s investigation will focus on the inhumane acts detailed by an executive of Planned Parenthood in several reports and a video.

Ferrero said there’s no financial benefit for tissue donation for the patient or for Planned Parenthood. The Center for Medical Progress used two actors posing as employees at a biotech firm who met with Nucatola over lunch to discuss how to access the fetal tissue for research purposes. It has affiliates that finance breast cancer services at some local Planned Parenthood clinics.

“Yesterday was the first time she said people wanted lungs”, she told the fake buyers.

Many remain skeptical of Planned Parenthood’s innocense. When the video was released, Planned Parenthood responded that it was standard medical practice for costs like transportation to be reimbursed in some cases.

LUDDEN: It’s a theme a number of Republican presidential candidates have picked up on.

Collins, who said she has had an abortion, called Jindal’s decision to investigate Planned Parenthood “an opportunity to find out the truth”.

At the National Institutes of Health (NIH), research using human fetal tissue is done “under its general legal authorities to conduct biomedical research to enhance health, lengthen life, and reduce illness and disability”, the agency said in a statement.

In a statement, Eric Ferrero, Vice President of Communications, notes that Planned Parenthood donates foetal tissue “to scientific research that can help lead to medical breakthroughs”, which is not illegal.

The footage was quickly circulated online and Planned Parenthood issued a statement saying the video was the work of a “well-funded group established for the objective of damaging Planned Parenthood’s mission and services”.

Sessions called the video “shocking”, and said the group “operates far outside the bounds of ethical behavior, and should not be receiving a single dime of taxpayer money”.

Planned Parenthood states that the “price range” refers to the cost to donate tissue. And former Texas Gov. Rick Perry called it “a disturbing reminder of the organization’s penchant for profiting off the tragedy of a destroyed human life”.