“I think this deal gives Iran a path to a nuclear arsenal, and I think it gives them hundreds of billions of dollars right away with which to pursue their aggression and terror against us and against the United States and the world”, Netanyahu told America’s National Public Radio.

The deal still faces a vote in Congress, although it is unclear whether Republicans and some Democrats who object to the deal will actually be able to override the decision – and Obama threatened Tuesday to veto any attempt to reject the accord.

The agreement would not end “profound differences” with the Shiite-majority Islamic republic, he said, stressing that their alliances with Washington would remain unchanged.

Obama argued that a “snap-back” mechanism contained in the agreement to restore sanctions if Iran cheated would ensure it faced real consequences for not keeping its nuclear commitments.

“Israel, our Arab neighbors, the Middle East as a whole”, Netanyahu told ABC.

“And I haven’t heard that”.

Mr Netanyahu said it was “perplexing” the pact agreed this week did not address Iranian threats to annihilate Israel. Pledges to dramatically reduce its stockpile of low-enriched uranium and cut by two-thirds the number of centrifuges will delay to a year the time it would need to produce the fuel for a bomb.

It took a phone call from US President Barack Obama to his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rowhani, in September 2013 to bring about a breakthrough and its hand was forced by the collapse previous year of the price of oil, Iran’s only significant export.

Responding to the criticism coming from political opponents and also from Israel, Obama said for all the objections of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or, for that matter, some of the Republican leadership that has already spoken, none of them have presented a better alternative.

When the deal expires in a decade, an “unreformed, unrepentant and far richer terrorist regime” in Tehran will have the capacity to build an entire nuclear arsenal, Netanyahu added.

If they dump this deal, no one believes there will be another for the basic reason we will not have the other major countries in on the deal.

“There are questions that we’re going to want to get answers to on the timing issues and how the process works”, he said.

Even United States military officials concede that unchaining Iran’s economy from crippling sanctions will likely translate into more money for Iran’s military and its surrogates overseas.

The minute we started talking about Iran’s nuclear danger, I realized the oddness of considering Donald Trump in this context.