No Man’s Sky had a lot of hype behind it. Too much hype, as the game disappointed so many people when it launched, barely anyone played it a couple of days after. The false promise of multiplayer and the emptiness of it’s “infinite” worlds made the game a bitter disappointment. Well, the developers of the game, Hello Games, are working hard to fix the game in any way they can before starting to release the free updates that were promised.


Hello Games stated:

” Here’s what we’ve been busy with over the 2-3 weeks since release:
• A community/support management team has been brought on board.
• Support issues raised are been categorised by that team, and we are fixing them in order of priority.
• We’ve released 4 patches for PC and 4 patches for PS4.
• We’ve written up patch notes for all those patches. You can find them here. ”


We still don’t know what these future free updates are about, but, if they’re planning to use them to get the game out of the gutter, they have to make them amazing. The terrible reviews for No Man’s Sky are everywhere, and it’s a damn shame because the game showed a lot of potential, but in the end, it fell flat.



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