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Google self-driving car involved in first injury accident

The July 1 incident is the first reported injury accident involving the self-driving vehicle. But, this is the first time that injuries to humans have been reported. In 11 of those incidents, the Google vehicle was rear-ended.

Proponents of self-driving cars, as well as some scientists, say there will likely be fewer accidents when computers replace humans at the controls. Google has been modifying existing cars to build its fleet, which amounts to around 20 cars.

Google is working to make these self-driving cars safe and efficient.

Will the latest accident slow down Google’s testing of self-driving cars?

Instead of going through a green light and being stuck in the intersection, the auto was smart enough to brake, along with three other vehicles traveling in its lane.

While software and sensors can help the cars take action faster than a human driver, Urmson said in May that “sometimes we won’t be able to overcome the realities of speed and distance; sometimes we’ll get hit just waiting for a light to change”. After being checked out by doctors, they were allowed to go back to work. The driver of the other vehicle also complained of neck and back pain.

It won’t be long before self-driving cars will be commonplace and eventually we may even reach a point where all new automobiles will be required to be self-driving in the interest of public safety. Thus, employees of the tech giant are always along for the ride. For crashes falling under this category, a report write-up is not necessary – it is up to the people involved if they would like one to be or not.

Last month, Google began opening up about the accidents it encounters with its autonomous vehicles. One of the collisions was the fault of the Google vehicle, but it was not in self-drive mode at the time. And get this, the accidents were caused by humans in every case. What about equipping the self-driving cars with a signal to prevent rear-end crashes? Honking the horn would be one possibility, but Mr Urmson said he anxious that could annoy residents of Mountain View.

The simulation shows the self driving Lexus stopping at a junction in Mountain View near their headquarters.