Google’s Bay Area office expansion has slowed recently, but costs could rise again when the company begins building parts of its glass-domed dream campus in Mountain View.

In the recent quarter, the number of clicks on ads rose 18 percent, compared with a 13 percent increase in the first quarter, while the average cost per click fell 11 percent after dropping 7 percent in the prior period. For example, if a person wanted to buy movie tickets, instead of searching for movie times on Google (as they would on a laptop), they’d open the Fandango mobile app. If they needed to make a purchase, they might go straight to their Amazon app. If they wanted some information, they’d open the Wikipedia app.

Google shares rose sharply in after-hours trading just moments following the Internet giant’s posting of its second-quarter financial results.

The internet-search company’s service, Purchases on Google, will let people using smartphones click on select search ads to visit retailer-branded product pages hosted by Google, according to an e-mail. Google carries $6.89 billion in debt.

Google’s stab at the mobile purchasing market comes at a time when other major companies are attempting to expand their influence as well. The number of advertisers running video ads on YouTube is up 40% year on year, and average spend per advertiser among its top 100 customers is up 60% year on year, he continued.

“We also continue to see great momentum in the Android partner program”, said Kordestani.

Nielsen says people in the USA watch linear TV for nearly 5 hours every day.

Wall Street is calling for an EPS of $6.76 a share and $14.35 billion in revenue compared to Estimize’s slightly higher call of $6.77 EPS and $14.39 billion in revenue.

The amount of money spent on digital advertising globally will increase more than 16% to approximately $170.85 billion this year, eMarketer predicted.

In simpler terms, Google will let you complete a transaction directly from the search results, rather than toggle between seller websites.

Porat’s predecessor, Patrick Pichette, was known for putting Google on a stricter financial diet – a balancing act at a company built in the image of free-wheeling co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. But the company said Thursday that it was narrowing the gap between mobile and desktop ad prices.

Porat brings extensive experience with Wall Street after holding the chief financial officer position at Morgan Stanley. This had been expected, but the big question was, could Google monetize this growth the same way it was able to with the desktop search market.

Google Inc (GOOGL) on Thursday reported a better-than-expected second-quarter profit, driven mostly by growth in ad volumes, partly offset by lower ad prices, a stronger dollar as well as one-time expenses.