Be a part of SMX East, the world’s largest search marketing conference programmed by the team from our sister site Search Engine Land. The company is hiring an SEO program manager so Google sites get Googled better.

Yesterday, Google posted a job listing on their careers site for an SEO position.

As a result, it’s looking to hire someone to “take part in website development and optimisation, help shape blog and social strategy, and improve website code hygiene”.

For many working at Google is a dream job, and for those search engine optimisation experts who have always fancied a look behind the curtain, this could prove the ideal opportunity to get right to the root of the science of search. Well, that’s probably a given if Google needs help ranking itself in its own search engine.

That’s particularly interesting, because it means that Google wants the various content based properties that it owns to show up more prominently in search.

If Google is no longer allowed to put its thumb on the scale, it will need to find ways to draw traffic to its own pages organically, which will require some additional work on the SEO front.

Google is facing antitrust charges in the European Union, where companies including Expedia, Yelp, and British price comparison website Foundem say that Google has abused its market power and distorted Web results to favour its own shopping service. That, at least, is the takeaway from news that Google is hiring an SEO program manager to keep check of the internet giant’s page rankings. Interestingly, this suggests that Google’s may be enabling machine learning on its algorithms, and that even the company isn’t sure how the artificial intelligence is weighing up content. Of course, critics could claim that Google’s SEO managers will have insider information that makes the exercise moot, so it will be interesting to see how things play out.