But Gigi Hadid has decided she would rather not live in her luxury Manhattan apartment anymore after her harrowing experience. According to police, Porter had been trying to gain access to Hadid’s apartment for a while, and supposedly succeeded in getting past a security guard on June 29.

On June 22, Porter brought a musical message for Hadid, 20, at 8:30 a.m., then returned at 6 p.m.to make sure she’d gotten it.

A man by the name of Marcell Porter has been arrested after he broke into Gigi Hadid’s New York City apartment.

“Did (Hadid) receive the note? He was saying stuff like, ‘She needs me.’ He’d wait for her outside her building for long stretches of time”, the source said. I’m paramilitary and I saved her life before. “I’m at the library by Bowery”, he wrote on June 24. I know everything now. I will talk to you in person ASAP. While in custody, he also reportedly asked investigators, “When are you going to release me?” Love you with the purple trousers and shades my soulmate. “I love you once again”. Here’s hoping she’s able to find a more private, safer home with tighter security.

Both Rihanna and Gigi Hadid have been the target of some awfully disturbing stalking in LA and New York respectively, but hopefully that’s all now coming to a head.

The blond bombshell was recently spotted eyeing a larger $3 million property, at 100 Norfolk St. near the Williamsburg Bridge, with a striking chiseled glass facade.