“And she was like, ‘I just love you“.

One wrote, “I can’t believe @Disney and @starwars are allowing @GQMagazine to do this DISTASTEFUL #starwars spread shame on all of you”. I’ve responded to that. Weirdly, it spends over half the movie poking fun at traditional, monogamous relationships – using Amy as the mouthpiece – only for her to discover that that’s what she really wanted all along. I always lie, but that day I was like… She loves it so much that, when you left your phone unattended on the table, she texted your husband, “I wanna have anal tonight”, and kept eating bread while making unwavering, intense eye contact with Mindy Kaling.

She and Apatow collaborate on this sometimes touching, boisterously amusing upending of rom-com clich├ęs.

Schumer wrote “Trainwreck” and stars in it as a hard-partying magazine writer who’s afraid of commitment – until she meets a sports doctor (Bill Hader) while on assignment for a feature article. She gets her outlook from her dad, played by Colin Quinn, who drummed it into Amy and her sister at an early age that partnering up is for suckers. James is impressive, too, though Burr says the movie, at more than two hours, is a bit “padded”.

“It was a constantly evolving script and it’s super autobiographical”. I’m very affectionate, I’m very loving.

“I’m calling the police”, Nikki says.

She recalled: “I’m like, ‘Oh my God, you save lives?” “Do you like me?” he asks. This is not a film for mature movie-goers.

It’s something he did with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg while producing “Superbad”, and with Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo while producing “Bridesmaids“.

You might think that’s a lot of videos, but really it’s an appropriate amount of Schumer. However, this movie is a big deal for him because his appearance is more than just a cameo and his role as an athlete is considered to be a crucial part of the story line.

The 30-year old National Basteball Association legend has had his share of performing in the past. Hopefully “Trainwreck” does well enough that she’ll get the freedom to make it.

As for the endearing Schumer, whom we already knew was amusing and blessed with superb comic timing, she’s also a natural screen actress who can deliver the emotional truth of a moment or situation, and Hader – whom we also already knew was amusing – demonstrates easily that his stellar dramatic work in The Skeleton Twins was no fluke.

“He just would open his mouth”, Schumer said, “and it would fly out”. “I’m sure he’s fine”.