Looking to buy video games for cheap and also get a free Pokémon Go account? Then purchase GamesDeal’s Premium Membership and get just that, and more!

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See, by paying $6.99 a month you get amazing discounts on released games and even the ones you pre-order! In addition to that and many other features that we will list down below, you get a free level 30 Pokémon Go account with 65 to 85 different Pokémon, 500000+ Stardust and loads of Pokemon balls, which will surely make your Pokémon Go experience much more enjoyable.


GamesDeal’s Premium Membership also gives you:

  • The cheapest prices for games
  • Pre-ordering titles at a discount
  • Free games every month
  • Participation in exclusive promotion campaigns
  • Epic monthly giveaways
  • Priority delivery
  • VIP customer support
  • Free shipping on Funbuy.com
  • Access to exclusive coupons
  • Mystery gifts for all Premium users

With all of these amazing features, $6.99 a month really pays off big time, so any passionate gamer that plays and buys games regularly should get the Premium Membership as soon as possible. What other sites gives you free games every month, a discount on pre-order titles, has epic monthly giveaways and gives you access to exclusive coupons? You even get mystery gifts for your birthday!

What are you waiting for? Go buy the Premium Membership!

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