In a separate interview with HuffPost Live on Monday (13Jul15), Future dismissed speculation their break-up was the result of his cheating, insisting he was the one who ended the romance because they “grew apart”. But me and her relationship had nothing to do with cheating. Taking a different approach with it. And I feel like I most definitely done hit my prime, but at the same time I know I’m getting better and better by the day.

“The engagement had been called off. I called it off way before any cheating rumors”, he continues. Today he reveals the first of a five-part documentary titled Like I Never Left, which highlight his triumphs and miscues leading up to this point. Let’s get back to music.’. My family have to be there. “I’m not comfortable about compromising”. “‘We should do that, we should just finish what we started and go back to that “Body Party” lane” … News, I can’t have these media outlets cover my wedding… He said in the video, “I wanna marry you, but I can’t have no big wedding on E!”

Many commenters expressed dismay that Future would divulge this private information in such a flippant way, not taking into account how it would make Ciara (a woman he is no longer even in a relationship with) feel.

In fact, as reported, numerous Wilson’s teammates get together for Bible study sessions ahead of weekend football games. I didn’t want to get all the negative energy because I’m an artist.

“God told me something else”, Future told

But that wasn’t the end of Future spilling the beans on he and CiCi’s former relationship.

Ok, Future – we got you. We’re on our second year. “He ain’t tell me to wait”, Future said. And I felt like I knew what I was doing.

Asked if the decision to split was mutual, Future replied “I said it wasn’t going to work”, adding, “She wasn’t too mad because I explained it to her”.

When asked to elaborate on the subject, Wilson said, “Yeah, we’re talking about sex”.