His co-star Candace Cameron said to Entertainment Tonight that the “Fuller House” cast fully supported him. And since we can’t imagine Nicky without Alex we guess the twins are back, and their grown up versions are going to make us drool.

Reprising his role as Uncle Jesse, Stamos has recently been flaunting how much fun he’s been having with his onscreen wife Aunt Becky (Lori Loughlin).

The Olsen twins are still considering whether they to will return to the Netflix series.

DJ Tanner turns awesome(r): Okay, so DJ Tanner-Fuller is a vet with three kids who is moving into the old house. OMG! “#HappyBirthdayBecky”, Stamos wrote on Instagram. The show marks the 24-year-olds’ first on-camera appearance since the original series ended in 1995. His post was accompanied by a shot of the “Fuller House” script for episode one, titled “Our Very First Show, Again”. It sounds like she’s taking on the Uncle Jesse role on “Fuller House.” Including the one below of her and Andrea Barber, aka Kimmy Gilbert.

“Becky and Jesse together forever”, Stamos captioned the photo above, in which his hand and Lori Loughlin’s-both outfitted with wedding bands-lovingly touch. According to previous reports, Teri was supposed to be an African-American woman, and I was admittedly quite excited to see Bob Saget getting hot and steamy in an interracial relationship.

Blake and Dylan are now the only twins on the “Fuller House” set, but they may find themselves in good company soon enough.