During the proceeding, Grimm said that he lied about his taxes because he wanted to keep the business afloat and his military background made failure not an option.

“Michael Grimm’s offense is an aberration in an otherwise remarkable life lived in selfless service of his country and dedicated towards helping his family, friends, and community”, the memo says.

Former United States congressman Michael Grimm has been sentenced to eight months in prison for tax evasion.

And, on Friday, that guesswork, prediction and speculation should come to an end.

Grimm pleaded guilty late previous year to aiding in filing a false tax return, a charge that stemmed from an investigation into the Staten Island Republican’s campaign financing. He was indicted in April 2014 on tax evasion charges, but still won re-election in November.

He had pleaded guilty on one count in a deal to keep the rest of the case from going to trial.

He vowed to stay in Congress the day of his guilty plea, but a week later, reportedly under pressure from House Speaker John Boehner, agreed to resign his seat.

The defense had asked the judge to spare him a prison term; prosecutors argued he deserved at least 2 years behind bars. “Some fall farther than others”, she told Grimm. Prosecutors said the tax fraud began in 2007 after Grimm retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and began investing in a Manhattan eatery called Healthalicious. He lied under oath in the Civil Action. His lawyers are seeking probation.

Grimm, a former Marine and FBI agent who was elected in 2010 to represent Staten Island and part of Brooklyn, argued that no restaurant owner had gone to jail for doing what he did.