Every summer, we hear the same advice repeated over and over again about the dangers of leaving pets alone in hot cars.

Tyrann Mathieu, star defensive back on the Arizona Cardinals, did in a public service announcement for PETA illustrating the consequences of leaving a dog inside a auto in hot weather.

The parked vehicle reached 120 degrees in eight minutes. Mathieu is drenched in sweat as he accepts a water bottle that is placed in his hand. “I mean, if you’re going to make a dog a part of your family, then make him a part of your family”. It’s worth noting that, as the video points out, dogs can’t sweat like Mathieu is able to, so they can’t cool themselves off in extreme temperatures. “Don’t treat him like you wouldn’t someone you care about or someone you loved”, The Honey Badger said as he sweated out 120-degree temps. Okay, even by National Football League player standards, that sounds like a stupid thing to do. Heatstroke in dogs begins to set in at 105 degrees, and their internal organs start to shut down. The secondary you save could be your own.