It goes without saying that if you want to take advantage of Windows 10’s touch interface, you’ll need a touchscreen display.

So where does Keizer’s imaginary secret plan to charge people who upgraded to Windows 10 for free come from, you ask?

Those who do know about the operating system already are asking if they should upgrade to Windows 10 or keep their PC on their current operating system. But Windows RT, Windows Vista, Windows XP and pirated copies of any version of Windows are not eligible for the free upgrade.

Also keeping mind that one of Windows 10’s core new features, the Cortana personal assistant, will only be available in certain languages – and hence in Windows 10 versions for certain countries.

Even though the Windows 10 USB flash drives are up for pre-ordering, customers will not get the product until Windows 10 goes live. It is unknown whether or not the OS will be available on DVDs or only on USB drives.

Set to be launched globally on July 29, Windows 10 includes security enhancements which include Device Guard, Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport, which provide advanced malware protection and authentication across applications, data and online experiences.

When you’re not using your computer, Windows 10 will automatically download those updates, install them, and restart your computer.

HP is seemingly hopeful that Windows 10 will give the PC market a long-awaited boost, but Nash told The INQUIRER last month that, despite all the new features Microsoft has stuffed into the software, HP is most excited about the return of the Start Menu. It has a built-in note-taking mode so you can save and annotate webpages and a reading mode that strips away unwanted content when reading an article; that I am looking forward to. You can use any disc-burning program you like, and the steps will be broadly similar, but we’ve used the free ImgBurn application.

Freak out, everyone, Microsoft intends to update its software.

Offering Windows distributions on USB flash drives is obviously a good move and could be popular with PC enthusiasts, as many eschew ODD drive installations due to the lack of necessity, or due to owning one of the increasing number of chassis without an ODD bay. You will be notified later when the upgrade is available. So you’re going to be up-to-date whether you like it or not. Business users and IT departments will have the option of disabling that, though.

Arguably, the most important reason you want to upgrade to Windows 10 is because you can without spending a dime. In the next screen, select ‘Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)’.