The third of four UFC events in just a week continues with a rare Wednesday Night event as UFC Fight Night 71 comes to us from San Diego, California. Look for Duffee to add another KO win to his resume. Reneau is now undefeated in UFC competition, most notably defeating Jessica Andrade at UFC Fight Night: Bigfoot vs. Mir. Heading into the bout, here are a few more thoughts from Mir – some on family life and some on Duffee, who hopes to post the biggest win of his career at Mir’s expense …

Reneau said she isn’t sure what to expect from the San Diego crowd Wednesday night, but it has no chance of matching the fans in Porto Alegre, Brazil, who were roundly and soundly behind their 10th-ranked local fighter.

The main event of the evening lasted a total of 73 seconds and saw Frank Mir starch Todd Duffee with a thunderous left hook that sent the muscular heavyweight down like a sack of potatoes.

In what could only be described as Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots.

Duffee, who is coming off a 33-second knockout over Anthony Hamilton in December, said it’s not his style to call out opponents – but he wanted someone in the Top 15 and Mir was the only one without a scheduled fight.

As Duffee partially recovered and returned fire, Mir kept on launching heavy hands and consistently threw signature left with effortlessness during the frenzied stand-up trades. Mir then came back with a left hand and Duffee threw a right.

There was no real strategy or grace to this 73-second fight – both guys simply came forward slinging leather in a game of “Who’s going to drop first?” During Lesnar’s debut at UFC 81, he lost to Mir in the first round via submission.

El Cucuy means The Boogeyman in Spanish. He’d had a nice run, won the UFC heavyweight title twice, but anyone with a name was battering him and leaving him like carrion on the side of the road. Ferguson landed at will, again and again with kicks to the body and to the head.

Once inside, Ferguson will wrestle Thomson to the ground, where he elicits the second-round tapout.

Because the women’s bantamweight champion is so damn dominant, we’re always looking for the next possible fighter that could perhaps push the former Olympian even a little in the Octagon. Ferguson poured on the strikes in an attempt to finish the fight, but Thomson ever the tough fighter withstood the punishment and somehow some way stayed in the fight. Thomson survived a brutal beating, Ferguson won his sixth straight fight in the lightweight division.

Mir, he said, has been more than holding his own in eight-to-10-round boxing sparring with ex-WBC heavyweight champion Bermane Stiverne.

Jennifer Mir urged her husband to watch “Blackfish” – and that’s all it took. Reneau was rendered virtually offense-less, swinging and missing with each attempt. It will be a big test of Holm’s MMA skills, and a win here will likely give her a title shot.

In a fight between bantamweights, Manny Gamburyan set the tone early against Scott Jorgensen with his wrestling and also controlled the fight on the feet for a unanimous decision victory.

Mir looked a bit out of shape at the weigh ins and that does not bode well for the aging fighter.