Gammill was arrested earlier this month on multiple charges, including dependent adult abuse, furnishing unsafe drugs without a license and practicing medicine without a license. After her examination, Gammill laid out his treatment plan and advised her to stop taking her present medications and instead submit to his 16 hours consultation and treatment for $2,000. After the cancer spread to her brain, lungs and bones, she was more willing to try his treatments, she added.

On being paid, Gammill gave her a number of plastic bags with empty capsules, different powders, liquid vials, commercially produced expired medication and some dirt. He gave her various expired prescriptions, and made a number of nonsensical and contradictory comments about the treatment he was giving her.

Operating a website and business under the name, Natural Oncology Institute Inc., police investigators did not see anything to indicate the man had any formal medical training or was certified to offer such medical services. “It was three days driving up, I was away from my children and my family”, she said.

The authorities also found bottled labeled “poison” and “corrosive” together with some lab equipment in his office and home, and several Mexican and Russian prescription drugs, steroids, morphine, Ambien, and about 25,000 other pills. According to a report from ABC, the victim, who wished only to be identified as Fern, said that she was “very upset” that someone would scam people who are desperate for help in their time of need.

Fern said she only went to Gammill after seeing “evidence” of his work for years on the Internet.

The suspect’s claims also contradicted themselves, as he initially told investigators that he had not attended any post-high school education, retracting on the statement and later claiming to having earned a doctor of science degree in the 90s. Gammill is said to have reassured her that the burning sensation signified that the ingredients were still active and that it was a good sign.

Deputies arrested Gammill and booked him in jail in Contra Costa County, but said he is scheduled to appear in the Ventura County Superior Court on August 31. “There was always hope, I never give up and I’m a fighter”, she said.

Officers from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Interagency Pharmaceutical Crimes Unit are investigating whether Vincent Gammill, 69, preyed on cancer victims by promising alternative treatments.