Lately it feels like “buy” buttons, which add the ability to shop directly from webpages and apps, are the hottest thing to hit the Web. The new shopping feature, first reported by BuzzFeed, will allow retailers to turn their Facebook pages into mini storefronts outside of their main websites. Below the toolbar and “About “section is the “Shop” which contains the list of your products and other shopping options””.

The actual monetary transaction will take place within Facebook rather than getting redirected to company’s website.

The digital storefronts will even have a “buy” button to help you get items you’re obsessing over.

It’s not clear what format the shopping experience takes, but a mock-up supplied by Facebook at the top of the page suggests it might looks a bit like browsing a gallery of photographs.

“The setup may cause brands to use Facebook in a way more aligned with what they do, selling stuff, than the content-driven approach they embraced by chaining graphic designers to desks during the Super Bowl and having them create real-time marketing memes”, it said.

This is the latest commerce push for Facebook, which rolled out money transfer features into its Messenger app. Yesterday, Google joined the trend, announcing its plan to add buy buttons in its mobile search results. Buzzfeed reports that Facebook is working with a number of retailers-somewhere “in the double digits”, whatever that may mean-to test the stores. Facebook learned from their mistake opting for a careful approach in their second coming.