As video advertising becomes an increased focus for Facebook, the social media giant rolled out a new “watch later” option on videos uploaded directly to the site.

The button appears as an overlay in the upper right corner of the video when one passes his mouse over it, or scroll past it. By clicking on the button, users can save and consume the videos later.

By introducing the new feature of Watch Later button, Facebook is trying to attract more users to its video content to compete with Google’s YouTube. The feature enables users to save a video and view it later, says a report from TechCrunch. This plan is feasible and extremely lucrative because Facebook is capable of mustering as much as over 4 billion views per video in a single day, which might set Youtube out of business. After the update, users will see more videos of their choice in their News Feed. The videos will then show up in the “Saved” tab, which already collects any posts or articles you bookmark for later with the Pocket-style “Save” button. The Suggested Videos feature is presently being tested on iPhones, and includes a revenue-sharing agreement with content creators and media companies that is similar to YouTube’s revenue sharing model.

While getting users to watch more video is one motive behind the new feature, you can also bet that Facebook will be keeping track of when you use it just like it does with every other interaction you make with videos.