Last month we reported that Facebook decided to launch Messenger as a standalone app where users would not necessarily need a Facebook account in order to use it. However at that time it was only available in the United States, Canada, Peru, and Venezuela.

Now the company wanted to expand the functionality all over the world. Facebook, however, wants to make its messaging service appeal to a wider range of users, and this looks to be a simple way to achieve this. Users will see an option asks, “Not on Facebook?” on the welcome screen of the Messenger app. After entering in their name, number and adding a photo, non-Facebook users will now be able to fully take advantage of the messaging app.

And as usual Facebook will suggest its users to sign up with their social account, as it will allow them to carry on a conversations in various devices.

Those who lack an account will not be able to message other people who use Facebook unless they know their phone numbers.

Messenger is already hugely popular with mobile users, being one of a couple of apps to have surpassed one billion downloads on Google Play.

The company is further expanding its Messenger app by looking at ways for third-party developers to use the platform to offer content and information.