There were no reports of injuries.

In 2013, the Federal Bureau of Investigation estimated there were 11 laser attacks per day on commercial airlines – but 11 in one night from one state, even if it is New Jersey, is particularly alarming.

The government has been trying to stop such attacks, whether the intent is malicious or not, with President Barack Obama signing a law in 2012 making it a federal crime to aim a laser pointer at an aircraft.

“American 1976 checking in with you, and we just got the laser also, here at 3,000 [feet]”, the pilot said.

The lasers were being shined into the cockpits, which can have a blinding effect on pilots and is “extremely risky”, Coleman said. LaGuardia had seen 36, Newark had 21 incidents and JFK had at least 5 laser incidents by mid-May.

In 2014 a man in California was sentenced to 14 years in prison for aiming a laser beam at a police helicopter.

Five planes informed air traffic controllers in the Newark Liberty tower “that lasers were being pointed at them” between 10 and 11 p.m. Wednesday, according to Ron Marisco, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which runs the Newark airport as well as Kennedy and LaGuardia airports in New York.

– American Airlines Flight 1472, 20 miles southwest of Newark Airport. Republic Airlines 4632 was at 9,000 feet, bound for Pittsburgh and United 330 was at 9,000 feet.

Three flights were at 3,000 feet four miles south of the Outerbridge Crossing. The final plane, a JetBlue flight, did not report its location, the FAA said.

Another aircraft said it was illuminated while flying over Ocean City.