The indictment returned Tuesday in Manhattan federal court boosted charges against 67-year-old Dean Skelos and 33-year-old Adam Skelos, who now face eight counts, including new extortion and bribery charges.

The indictment against ex-Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos just grew by a third.

State Majority Leader Skelos’s reaction, according to the U.S. Attorney: “Dean Skelos informed the CEO, in sum and substance, that the CEO needed to resolve any issues that [the supervisor] might have with Adam Skelos so that Adam Skelos could remain employed at the Malpractice Insurance Administrator”.

When Adam Skelos’ supervisor complained, prosecutors say he threatened to “smash in” the supervisor’s head and bragged of his father’s power. In August 2012, at a fundraising event, Mr. Skelos, his son and the CEO were all together, and Adam Skelos told the CEO he needed a source of income and health insurance, according to the indictment-so the CEO agreed to hire him, “in part because the CEO understood from Dean Skelos’s repeated requests relating to the court-reporting service that Dean Skelos wanted the CEO to assist Adam Skelos financially”.

Skelos allegedly told Supervisor-1 that he “did not have to come to work regularly because his father… was majority leader of the Senate”. During his consulting period, “Adam Skelos did not complete even a small fraction of the required sales calls each week”, according to the indictment.

Adding two new crimes, the U.S. said the elder Skelos “repeatedly solicited” the executive to direct money to Adam while the firm was lobbying Skelos in 2012. “The fund, according to the website, was created to help the Skeloses ‘stand up and defeat those who place their own ambition ahead of justice, ‘ and make clear that ‘it’s wrong to criminalize the relationship between a father and son.'” Yeah, don’t be upset that Dean Skelos is the best helicopter parent EVER.

According to the indictment, From January 2 through April 26, 2013, Adam Skelos worked for three or more hours on only five days, yet was paid his full salary. Authorities had already alleged that at least $300,000 was illegally steered to the son, including $200,000 between November 2012 and last April by an environmental technology company that was threatened with losing a significant contract with Nassau County if the son wasn’t paid as a consultant. Both men have declared their innocence. Though the arrangement was ultimately extended through March of this year, the company “never sold one medical malpractice policy to a single doctor” as a result of Adam Skelos’ work, the indictment states. However, the indictment says that, in hist first week of work, Adam showed up for only one hour over four days.

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