In fact, Rudd helped co-write the script, adding his trademark sense of humor and giving this adventure film a comedic twist. Starring alongside Paul Rudd are the likes of Evangeline Lilly, Corey Stoll, Bobby Cannavale and Michael Pena.

Master thief Scott Lang (Rudd) is trying to get his life back on track after serving his prison sentence. It means Paul played his favorite fakeout prank, the one where he says he’s about to show a clip from his new movie but it turns out to be a scene from the really bad ’80s alien movie Mac and Me.

Well, it looks like Marvel Studios isn’t flawless after all. Ant-Man truly brought you into a “micro world” that Marvel immersed you into and, experiencing this in 3D is truly the best way to watch this movie. The film’s quick pace never allows you to think about what is going on for too long. Seriously though, Marvel has created an fantastic universe where all their films are connected as different sequels to one another, even if they are not directly connected.

What’s your favorite Stan Lee Marvel movie cameo? “I felt like I couldn’t make the movie I wanted to make in that environment”.

As you can tell from that recap, Ant-Man is a tiny story for a tiny hero-as opposed to the Avengers franchise, which is increasingly crammed with god-like characters and risky global situations.

Ant-Man features a new selection of characters from Marvel comics to the silver screen such as Hope van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly), supervillian Yellowjacket, Cassie Lang (Abby Ryder Fortson) and others.

And, as these movies often do, there’s more to see once the credits roll, so stick around till the end. The drama is very heavy-handed and the comedy falls flat. Not only does Paul Rudd discuss the work that went into making Ant-Man as both an actor and a writer, he discusses his experiences suiting up with the Avengers in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War!

As for what his Fantastic Four would have been like, the Ant-Man director said it was similiar to another supehero movie that did get made. I wouldn’t recommend spending the extra money for the 3D. While one may not be that interested in seeing Ant-Man, the appeal is there because you know the film will reference, cameo or introduce characters and storylines in the larger picture of the Marvel phase plans. I was hoping this would be as good as last summer’s hit Guardians of the Galaxy, but it fell way short.