Then came an image of the American flag, the stars resplendently overlaid over a portrait of Trump gazing sternly at something, the stripes over motifs of American triumphalism: cash money, the White House, and soldiers.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump (or, should we say, Donald Trump’s Twitter account), tweeted one more plug for the GOP presidential candidate’s campaign. Below the image, the words: “We need real leadership”.

It’s not clear what the source of the photo in the Trump tweet is; the soldiers in the photo could be modern-day World War II reenactors.

The marching soldiers seem to be wearing WW II-era German uniforms.

Twitter user @LeftyBollocks appeared to identify the stock image of historical reenactors used to create the composite. “Let’s put the USA back into business!”

A CNN Politics reporter later tweeted that a Trump official said an intern had posted a “questionable photo”, but quickly deleted and apologized.

The tweet is now deleted.

Trump has repeatedly found himself in hot water from some corners of the political universe in the few weeks since his campaign rollout, yet he has nonetheless dominated national headlines and remains high in the polls.