Flay’s team accused March of digging dirt in order to get a larger divorce payout which was limited by a prenup between the couple.

Jefferson Siegel/New York Daily News Celebrity chef Bobby Flay’s divorce from “Law & Order: SVU” star Stephanie March is now over, a separation which the former pair called “amicable” in a joint statement.

The two issued a statement on Friday saying that they have reached “an amicable divorce settlement”.

The marriage between the two celebrities descended into acrimony and recrimination as they fought over money.

Flay and March do not have any children together, though March is stepmom to Flay’s 18-year-old daughter Sophie, whom he shares with his second ex-wife, TV personality Kate Connelly.

According to TMZ, March had the upper hand because of Flay’s reluctance to go to trial and air his dirty laundry to the public. Last month he got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but the day was overshadowed by a plane flying overhead with a banner reading “Cheater”. Flay is estimated to be worth $20 million. This was Flay’s third marriage, and March’s first. TMZ reports in that Stephanie is getting more cash than she would have if they followed the guidelines of their original prenup.

She has suffered from a burst appendix and three infections, which she has allegedly claimed in court has prevented her from working as an actress.