Other firsts in Shanghai’s park include Adventure Isle (featuring a giant reptile creature), TRON Lightcycle Power Run, the Garden of the Twelve Friends (where zodiac animals are reimagined as Disney and Pixar characters), and Treasure Cove – the only entirely pirate-themed land at a Disney park.

The 420-room Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and 800-room Toy Story Hotel will anchor the theme park’s resort.

Shanghai Disney Resort, the first Disney resort in Mainland China, will introduce Disney storytelling and experiences designed especially for Chinese guests when Shanghai Disneyland opens in Spring 2016. An updated Buzz Lightyear ride and a Jet Packs attraction will round out Tomorrowland.

The world is finally getting its first glimpse of Disney Shanghai. The mighty Roaring Mountain will tower over guests and they may blaze their own trails at Camp Discovery, travel around the world on Soaring over the Horizon or embark on the thrilling rafting adventure through the heart of Adventure Isle on Roaring Rapids.

Disneyland triumphed by taking “the concept of narrative to the extreme”, immersing visitors “in the story itself …” Controversy over the theme park cropped up when three employees of companies working on the grounds said some delays were caused by construction problems when Chinese contractors cut corners and did not meet Disney’s standards.

Treasure Cove. The first pirate-themed land at a Disney park.

Gardens of Imagination will include Fantasia Carousel, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, live entertainmet, and “Ignite the Dream, a Nighttime Spectacular of Magic and Light” fireworks as well as a parade called “Mickey’s Storybook Express“.

More Shanghai Disney Resort details will be arriving soon so keep checking back!

Still, the relative lack of box office success for Disney’s animated films doesn’t mean the new park will forgo the “Disney princess” aesthetic that serves as its trademark worldwide.

The new attraction is expected to give a significant boost to tourism in Shanghai and could turn the sector into another pillar industry in addition to finance and shipping, local experts said. Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) is trying to avoid a scenario that happened in Hong Kong that forced it to expand the park after it was found be small in term of its handling capacity.

As part of Disney’s larger footprint in China, Shangai Disney Resort will also feature two hotels and a downtown area called Disneytown. It will also be interesting to see if Disney tweaks the elements of the franchise for a Chinese audience, perhaps by acknowledging the series’ many influences from Asian cinema.