The Genie is about to star in his own live action film, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Next cab off the rank is a slightly controversial choice – the 1992 smash hit ‘Aladdin’, which famously featured the voice of Robin Williams as the voice of Genie.

Titled Genies, the comedy adventure is being written by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift – who worked on the Friday 13th remake.

Although plans are only at an early stage, Disney already have Tripp Vinson lined up as producer.

Disney wants to give fans a closer look at the mysterious world of the wish-granting genies, culminating in the events that led to our favorite blue man getting locked in a magic lamp. Vinson is now producing “Bob the Musical” and “Prince Charming” for the same studio.

The live-action-ification of Disney animations is unstoppable lately, with Cinderella having proven a success and a new Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson on the way.

There is no word on who will direct the film nor any release date.