Tyler Perry is coming to the defense of Bobbi Kristina Brown and her family following a series of, what he’s calling, “blatant disrespect, lies, and ignorance”. “I know this was not her dream”, Perry wrote on Facebook on Friday.

As the Daily Mail reports, several members of the Brown and Houston families were seen visiting the hospice and a large, white tent was erected near the facility’s back door. Tyler said he woke up “with Whitney on my mind”.

Brown was admitted to Peachtree Christian Hospice in Duluth last month, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, when the daughter of entertainers Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, remained unresponsive in a hospital and a rehabilitation center where she had been since late January.

The family friend had one poignant message to those reading, “May I ask you all to please show some decency and respect?” And it seems the Gone Girl actor is frustrated by all the media surrounding the 22-year-old’s coma.

New developments at the hospice where Bobbi Kristina Brown is being treated have observers anxious that she may be nearing the end of her life.

Bobbi Kristina joins Whitney on stage at the “My Love Is Your Love World Tour” in 1999.

Nick Gordon-Bobbi Kristina Brown’s boyfriend-has been served with a $10 million lawsuit, alleging he not only caused Bobbi Kristina physical harm that may have caused her present condition-but also stole money from her bank accounts. As she deterioates, her outcome looks unfortunately grim.

Major Don added that her family had, allegedly, hired state troopers to give her room more security, and that the hospice itself had hired private security around the building to make it extra secure.

Bobbi Kristina performs with her mother on ABC’s “Good Morning America” in 2009.

“They’re Saying ALLEGEDLY That Bobbi Kristina Just PASSED”.

Mother and daughter attend a pre-Grammy event honoring David Geffen in 2011.