Receiver Demaryius Thomas of the Denver Broncos agreed to five-year, million contract just before the deadline. The contract includes million guaranteed, with a million signing bonus.

Bryant would make $12.82 million by signing his franchise tag.

In the midst of a very public salary negotiation, the Dallas Cowboys have reportedly offered Dez Bryant a bump in pay that would allow him to take home $12.83 million a year.

Bryant and the Cowboys had until 4 p.m. (ET) Wednesday to negotiate a long- term deal. Dez Bryant sounds willing to skip training camp and possibly regular-season games without a long-term contract.

In five seasons with the Cowboys, Bryant has caught 381 passes for 5,424 yards and 56 touchdowns.

The contract comes with $45 million in guaranteed money. “I couldn’t believe it”, Bryant told

“We know what he means to the team in many different ways and he’s evolved to his credit, he’s evolved into a player where he’s indispensable to us”, Jerry Jones said. The 25-year-old defenseman made $3.675 million last season.

USA Today said Bryant signed the contract on the final day where players with the franchise tag could ink a multi-year deal prior to next year.

The first five games on Dallas’ schedule include matchups against two division rivals-the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles-as well as tough games against the New Orleans Saints on the road and the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots.

In the end though, despite some bumps to still work out, Bryant is, officially, ready to play some football.

The 26-year-old Texan had been holding out for a lucrative long-term deal however, threatening to effectively go on strike unless the Cowboys met his demands. The Cowboys are aware that Dez is one of the most important player’s on the team and assured to follow through just in time for the deadline.

Bryant was also at AT&T Stadium last month for the Cowboys’ last offseason practice, spending about 15 minutes on the sideline talking with Jones.

The Cowboys could also count on Bryant to be in their training camp this August, which is essential to refine the on-field harmony of the talented wideout and their virtuoso quarterback Tony Romo.

Yes, this is the same Dez Bryant that was willing to miss games if he didn’t get his deal. “Consequently, we put into any new contracts the things that the league wants in the contract relative to conduct, and Dez has the same thing in his and no more than other veterans that we recently signed”.