However, this has led some to speculate if this is a special “southpaw” version of the PS4 controller, and whether this will be available to the public with the Destiny: The Taken King expansion. First person shooters can fall into a trap of running through the same old motions and livening it up with Borderlands-style quips could have really done the game right.

Of course, not everything comes with his new bundle that Sony has to offer. Bungie says “The Taken King” is no mere DLC and is closer in composition to an actual game. It went, “We’ve already said that we’ll be kicking off the second year of Destiny with a major expansion”. On top of that, there are also three armor shaders and three class-specific “emotes”, which take the form of dance moves or gestures.

In contrast, a copy of destiny can be purchased for as low as $20 from retailers such as Amazon, which raises questions whether consumers would be willing to take the plunge for a limited edition console with purchasable downloadable content available separately.

Nothing actually, it seems it was a mistake as Sony has now confirmed that Destiny: The Taken King PS4 bundle will include the new CUH-1200 series model.

The same report, however, noted that fans are still looking for the “physical aspects” of the game of the collector’s edition including the “set’s steel-book case, replica unusual Coin, modified Treasure Island Book and physical relics and artifacts”.

Gamers who pick it up on the PlayStation 4 and the PS3 will be able to get access to exclusive content, as Activision, Bungie and Sony continue their special relationship.

The Bundle will include a white 500GB PS4 with a slick “Destiny” design, which is a map of the cosmos in silver with the Guardian’s crest set in gold as reported by Trusted Reviews. Destiny: The Taken King is cool, and we think that there’s a market for its pricey extras – 20million players to be exact!