Bungie, the team behind Destiny, the popular RPG/MMO title, often updates their fanbase as to what is going on with the game in a “This Week In Bungie” blog post. Well, they did one yesterday, and it revealed that a popular holiday-themed event would not be taking place this year.

“First things first: Crimson Days will not be making a return this year. We enjoyed adding some gunfire to your date night, but we have other plans. Instead, we’re dedicating our efforts to delivering different things for you to play.”

Different things like what you ask? Well, Bungie teased that we haven’t heard from the Live Team in quite a while. Apparently, their next content update is taking shape, and could hear about it soon. But, Bungie doesn’t want to spill the beans until they’re ready to show something to go with it.Bungie did note that they will hop on to stream about what’s coming in the spring event wise, but they’re going to wait for the whether to warm up a bit before doing that.

Another thing they talked about is in regards to weapons balancing. Bungie admits that this is something that is constantly needing tweaking, as just when they seem to have the weapons balanced…something becomes OP, or seen by other as having an advantage over their fellow players, and thus balancing needs to start all over again. They liked weapons balancing to “utopia”…because it’s not known.

That said, between weapons balancing, and bug fixes, the team at Bungie promise to do all they can to make the game fun for all to play.So if you’re a Destiny fan, stay tuned, it seems there’s some big things coming up on the horizon.

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