South African Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu has been hospitalized with an undisclosed but “persistent” infection, his foundation said Tuesday.

The Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation said the 83-year-old anti-apartheid campaigner is “receiving an intensive course of antibiotics to quell a stubborn infection”.

For the past 18 years, Tutu has been living with prostate cancer.

Tutu’s daughter Mpho is to give an update on her father’s health in a press briefing.

“But he not quite as young as he looks”.

His family, however, has expressed hope that he would be discharged from hospital by Thursday.

“It is not in his prostate but it is below the belt”, she said.

He was part of a group of 20 prisoners, including Nelson Mandela and Walter Sisulu, who were arrested for organising a defiance campaign against six apartheid laws. “My mother gets anxious because she’s his wife, it’s different”.

“He is going through a combination of antibiotics and the course could take five days or more”, Mpho Tutu told reporters in Cape Town. We wish the medical team that is attending to him all the necessary wisdom.