The family is now raising money for a memorial in Bartlett’s honor at the Denver Botanic Gardens – where the couple got married.

Newlyweds Ryan Pocius, 32, Kathleen Bartlett, 31, were hit by lightning while hiking on Mount Yale in Colorado, which instantly killed Bartlett and injuried Pocius. Kathleen was pronounced dead at the scene, while her husband of just six days, 32-year-old Ryan Pocius, was flown to Colorado Springs hospital for treatment. The two other hikers, who were also hit by the lightning, suffered minor injuries and were able to make their way down the mountain safely. Pocius was released from the hospital by Sunday.

“She cared deeply for her fellow man and was a force of good wherever she was”, said friend Martin Armendariz.

‘The pain he must be feeling, I can’t even imagine.’.

Katie and Deborah went to Nicaragua some years ago to work with children who live in landfills, and former college professor Deborah paid tribute to her friend’s generosity and kindness, reported ABC 7.

“Katie is and forever will be my wife and my one true love”, he wrote.

Inside STARS Early Learning Center Miss Katie’s (Bartlett’s) classroom is neatly packed away – school supplies she used to teach 3- to 5-year-olds at the Early Learning Center. The couple’s wedding website recounts how they met at a bar where Bartlett, a teacher, worked as a part-time cocktail waitress; she gave Pocius a hard time for ordering scotch with ice on the side. “She was a soft, gentle breeze in any space she graced. Our family is saddened by her passing, yet certain that Katie-Bug is in a loving, blissful and ideal space”, said Grace Jaquez-Chase. We are all blessed to have known her, to have been loved by her and to have been touched by her. She is watching over us all with her warm and her big heart.