Denver adamantly denied collusion accusations in a statement after the deal with Thomas was finalized. And just a few shorter moments ago, Adam Schefter reported (sans photographic proof, mind you) that Demaryius Thomas signed a almost identical deal with the Broncos. The contracts are nearly identical. According to, Brown’s career earnings are $22.8 million over his first five seasons. In addition, Thomas has .5 million guaranteed. Because he hasn’t signed a contract, Bryant can’t be fined for missing training camp, which starts July 30. “We wanted to get a deal done – they knew that”. So far, it appears imperative that they keep him.

Bryant and Thomas both signed deals ahead of the deadline after being hit with franchise tags this offseason and now Hilton looks like he is ready to get paid as well.

Bryant posted a message on Twitter to Dallas fans Monday, apologizing while saying he “will not be there” if he doesn’t have a new deal by Wednesday’s deadline. Thomas wasn’t as vocal about his new deal as Dez was. Even without that, as long as he plays like he did in 2014, he’ll get a big, big deal. Holdouts are a player’s only weapon while working on an extension after being tagged.

Both sides seem to playing hardball at this point when it pertains to a new contract for the Georgia Tech product. It works though! They continually allow him to assess the players and make the right moves for the Broncos.

Some fans were pretty anxious about the Broncos having to pay Thomas such a significant portion of the salary cap every year.

Houston’s contract is also the richest in franchise history.

Another reason this contract is a win? Thomas, who had tons of potential joining the Broncos in 2010, has really benefited from learning from Peyton Manning. In truth, nothing has changed in regards to the wide receiver position in this modern NFL. In his first two NFL seasons, he didn’t have Payton Manning throwing him the football.

Essentially, with a front-loaded contract like this, Denver gets to check back up on Thomas in three years. For now, the focus has to be on getting Thomas to camp so he can catch up with his new coach and learn the scheme.

“Any time you have two special football players at the same position that are going into a franchise year, there is always caution that no one jumps the gun”, Elway said.