The Kejriwal-Bassi meeting, which was expected to soothe nerves, ended up widening the rift between the AAP government and police with Delhi Home Minister Satyendar Jain taking on the force over several issues. The Delhi government says it must have control over Delhi Police.

In a radio ad aired across the country and addressed to Modi, Kejriwal said, “Sir (PM) aap to jante hi hain, Delhi Police pe Delhi government ka kisi tarah ka koi control nahi hai”.

“He (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) has no time for Delhi Police“, Jain quoted the police commissioner as saying.

According to reports, Bassi, who reports to the union home ministry, was asked by the Delhi government to bring along four lists for the meeting.

“There is no political pressure on Delhi Police because those in-charge of administrative control of police have no local vested interests”.

He further said that a gynaecologist and paediatrician will visit the clinic once every week, besides regular doctors posted at these clinics. “Delhi will become safe only when we work together”, he said.

Mr Kejriwal had asked Mr Bassi to come with information on pending cases of crimes against women and beat constables across Delhi, but sources in his party allege that the police chief refused to furnish these details.

“We adhere by the Gita that is our constitution and various laws which govern policing in Delhi”, said Bassi. Bassi rejected Jain’s contention, saying the police takes any incident of crime as a challenge and that there was a lack of “appreciations of nuances of law”.

After emerging from the meeting, Bassi said it was cordial and held in a professional way, keeping in view the law of the land. But in this case, they allowed the accused to be sent to judicial custody.

“Sir, it is not the case that the police are bad, but the system is bad. I tried to explain to him (Jain) under what circumstances remand is sought”, the police commissioner said.