Cara Delevinge, who stars in the upcoming film “Paper Towns“, says her sexual orientation is not a phase. In a report by People magazine, the 22-year-old supermodel claimed that she is bisexual after the controversy that sparked after her Vogue interview. To that here is Delevingne’s juicy response: “If anyone just thought I was trying to pad my resume, they can suck my” – she paused to consider her word choice – “boobs”, the actress told Time magazine.

“I’m happy with who I am”…

Delevingne further added that her relationship with the 32-year-old has helped her become a better actress. “I can’t date someone who’s like me because we’d probably end up killing each other”. Acting and music were more like the paths that she wanted to pursue. “I’ll pick you up, squeeze everything I can out of you and throw you away for the next one”.

She stated: ‘My sexuality is not a phase.

“Being in love helps, you know?” she said of life’s distractions.

Delevingne is now in a relationship with a woman, musician St. Vincent.

Paper Towns“, based on a novel by John Green, opens in theaters on July 24.

Nat also praised the British actress, dubbing her the leader on set. I’m going to shove myself down your throat, in the nicest way possible.

And her most recent project, Suicide Squad, definitely left a lasting impression on her. One that might have even landed her in trouble. Although she has been linked with both men and women in the past (The Daily Mail mentioned Michelle Rodriguez, Harry Styles, and Jack O’Connor), take it from the “Paper Towns” lead: she is who she is, and your approval isn’t needed. “I have only been hurt by women, my mother [a recovering heroin addict] first of all”. But when I start something, I want to prove people wrong.