He’s real when it comes to calling out his kid for fronting on social media and he’s even more real when it comes to lip-syncing for his life on Lip Sync Battle.

Although he did put on a good show with songs including “Big Girls Don’t Cry” from Fergie, most of the episode he spent blowing kisses at and smiling at Chrissy Teigen.

To find out who wins, you’ll have to check out Lip Sync Battle on Thursday.

It wasn’t long before Teigen’s husband John Legend got on stage and chased Bieber around jokingly putting him in a chokehold.

Congratulations Deion! Maybe this will revive his music career?

Deion Sanders is competing against Justin Bieber on Thursday’s Lip Sync Battle and it looks like Sanders pulled out ALL the stops for his showdown with the Biebs.

For his choreographed piece, JB went with insane Train for Ozzy Osbourne and we were pretty into it!

Former National Football League and MLB star Deion Sanders didn’t hold back during his upcoming appearance on Lip Sync Battle.