The actual sale price, $43,739.99, is among the highest ever paid for a football.

The 243-page report by investigator Ted Wells concluded that the Patriots “more probable than not” violated National Football League rules and Brady “was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities” of the deflated game balls. The ball, which was sold by auction house, is the only known ball tied to the Deflategate game that is in the public domain, ESPN reported. After Blount scored, he dropped the ball and teammate Brandon LaFell picked it up and handed it to a fan. By that point the balls had been inflated to the proper level as it was just in the first half that the Patriots used the under-inflated footballs.

The ball sold six months to the date of New England’s 45-7 victory over Indianapolis. But it is unclear whether the ball auctioned Saturday was one of the underinflated balls. Joshua Evans, the Chairman of, expected the ball, which is the only one from the game up for auction, to fetch more than $100,000 but he’ll have to settle for less than half of that. In addition to Brady’s four game suspension, the Patriots were also fined $1million and docked two draft picks.