He lost back-to-back fights against American Tony Thompson in 2013 and he has had several fights around Europe in a bid to rebuild his career.

After parting with then-promoter Kellie Maloney, German heavyweights Sauerland Event invested heavily in Price and he is keen to reward their belief with a solid win against Terper in Ludwigsburg tonight.

There are plenty of fights he can win, but he’s never going to be the contender he was hoped to be, as he just can’t take the shots. I had butterflies, which explains why I gassed out so quickly. “Once I’ve established myself as European champion then it’s a fight that can be made as people will be interested in it again”, said Price. I’m enjoying each step of the journey.

“Those two years seem like a lifetime, as a person I feel different but as a fighter I’m definitely different”.

“If it was a fight for a title and my back was against the wall, where I was desperate to fight with no other option, I may have had to have bitten the bullet and gone in under prepared without any sparring”.

“From what I’ve seen he’s going to try and come out and start fast”.

And if there is one thing Price is now fully understanding of, it’s that when opportunity knocks, you answer the door.

“But that’s not disrespecting this fight in anyway because it is a massive fight and a great opportunity but I really do want to go beyond here”.

“I’m not particularly worried about his power because it’s the same with any other heavyweight if you get hit on the chin you’re likely going to end up feeling it”.

He said: “If people look back at what may be considered my best performance against Sam Sexton and compare it to Friday night – if everything goes to plan – they’ll see it’s like night and day. He might cause Klitschko a few problems with his style but I think Klitschko will have too much for him”, he said.