“San Diego Comic Convention will continue to protect its incontestable rights in the Comic-Con mark until Dan Farr Productions discontinues infringement of the Comic-Con mark-even if that means having the Court force Dan Farr Productions to comply with the law”. Unified Police say that the group climbing in the canyon near Salt lake City thought the boot was trash and took it with them to throw it away.

“The United States Patent and Trademark Office had already ruled that “comic con” was “nondescript” and now they have granted us a trademark for “Salt Lake Comic Con” he stated in the press release.

In a subsequent press release from Comic-Con worldwide, Dan Farr Productions’ trademark is clarified as a “Supplemental Trademark Registration”, which is distinguished from a Principal Register in that it “does not convey the presumptions of validity, ownership and exclusive rights to use the mark”. “It further declares that San Diego’s trademarked name is NOT ‘confusingly similar” to our trademarked name, which is the nexus of the lawsuit”.

Salt Lake Comic Con is represented by Maschoff Brennan, a leading intellectual property and complex litigation firm, in the San Diego Comic Convention, vs Dan Farr Productions lawsuit.

San Diego Comic-Con worldwide filed the lawsuit in Southern California’s U.S. District Court last August, attempting to sue Salt Lake Comic Con for using the moniker “comic con” in its name and promotional materials.

San Diego technically has the hyphenated version of “Comic-Con” trademarked, not “comic con”.

The issue between Comic-Con worldwide and Salt Lake Comic Con dates back almost exactly a year, with Comic-Con global – who produce the annual Comic-Con worldwide in San Diego, the biggest and highest profile convention in the US, along with WonderCon – sending Salt Lake Comic Con a cease and desist letter, claiming use of the term “Comic Con“. “Somebody had to stand ground on this”. Show organizers recently announced that Chris Evans, star of the Captain America movie series and The Avengers will be at the show on Saturday, September 26, 2015.

Organizers say their positive reputation and unwavering fan support have augmented opportunities to attract exciting guests and bolstered them through their legal fights.

In the meantime, Salt Lake plans to go ahead with the original name for its 2015 event, scheduled for September 24-26 at the Salt Palace Convention Center.