That is, unless you happen to spot a Jorunna parva slug while swimming off the coast of Japan.

The increasing popularity that the genus has won in the past hours has determined Japanese users to create a special online page to provide people with additional videos and pictures of the velvety slugs. The Verge says they look like “gooey, candy bunnies,” and that’s a pretty good description. They even have tails.

Sea slugs have suddenly turned into a source of admiration for Japanese fans of all things nice.

Jorunna parva is a sea slug that bears more than a passing resemblance to a fluffy bunny. They can be found in other parts of the Pacific too but not in quite such large numbers. Their head is featured with two bunny-like ears that allow Parvas to better smell the objects around them and, thus, to protect themselves against noxious elements. Be warned though, be sure you have a mop and a bucket nearby as your heart might just melt into a puddle. And they can retract their rhinophores into their skin, to protect them from being nibbled by fish.