Wednesday was the deadline for players under franchise tags to sign multi-year deals, and receivers Dez Bryant of Dallas and Demaryius Thomas of Denver both cashed in with lucrative contracts.

In the midst of a very public salary negotiation, the Dallas Cowboys have reportedly offered Dez Bryant a bump in pay that would allow him to take home $12.83 million a year. With that, Bryant and Cowboys fans can all breathe a sigh of relief as this saga comes to a close.

Bryant had 88 catches for 1,320 yards and 16 TDs for the Cowboys last season.

It explained that the wide receiver called the younger Jones to relay that he will not participate in the training camp of the team and will choose to sit out for the regular season games unless a long-term deal is reached.

The Union said it has authentic information about the conversations of two clubs over a long-term deal of wide receivers Bryant and Thomas.

Four of five National Football League players who had franchise tags assigned to them signed long-term contracts shortly before the deadline for deals Wednesday. That contract included $48.8 million guaranteed. The guaranteed money rises to $45 million if Bryant is still on the team’s roster on the fifth day of the league year in 2016, which triggers a $13 million payment for the 2017 season. “All I could just think about is that it’s a dream – a dream come true”. If they can make up for Murray’s lost yards, if quarterback Tony Romo’s back enables him to play at a Pro Bowl level for another season, and if the defense does its part, the Cowboys can be back in the mix of Super Bowl hopefuls this coming season. The Cowboys are aware that Dez is one of the most important player’s on the team and assured to follow through just in time for the deadline. Gostkowski was the NFL’s leading scorer last season with 156 points. He has more catches (381), yards (5,424) and touchdowns (56) through five years than any receiver in franchise history – a list that includes Hall of Famers Michael Irvin and Bob Hayes.

It’s still not as large as the six-year, 1 million deal Justin Houston banked from the Kansas City Chiefs. Green of the Cincinnati Bengals, are going to be in a similar situation next offseason, and you can bet that they will expect to receive contracts equal to or greater than those of Bryant and Thomas.