Colorado theater shooter James Holmes has been found guilty of murder in the first degree.

The jury deliberated a day and a half before reaching its verdict.

The trial now enters a sentencing phase, with testimony about whether Holmes should be sent to prison for life or sentenced to death.

Dressed in a blue dress shirt and khakis, he stood at the defense table, three of his public defenders on both sides of him and two more standing behind him.

The rest of the courtroom was bursting with emotion.

In addition to 24 counts of murder, Holmes received two separate charges of attempted murder for each of the 70 surviving victims.

“Just because the trial is over, it’s not over for us”, Phillips said. “It feels good to have this weight off our backs”.

December 13, 1987 – Holmes is born in San Diego County, California, to Robert and Arlene Holmes. After the final count was read, Arlene buried her face in Robert’s shoulder.

James Holmes was convicted on Thursday in the 2012 attack that took place during the midnight premiere of the movie Batman in suburban Denver. His motives for the shooting remain unknown. Several died shielding friends or loved ones.

However, Klieman pointed out, prosecutors would be able to cross-examine Holmes about his extensive planning of the attack. They recalled the panic to escape the black-clad gunman.

Holmes also reportedly “confessed” shortly after the attack.

In the video, Holmes confirmed most of the details of the mass shooting, including his weapons purchases and his plan to draw police and other first responders away from the theater by blowing up his apartment. His defense team had pleaded not guilty on his behalf by reason of insanity, arguing that he was not responsible for his actions.

One said the murderer struggled to cope with bad exam marks and a break-up with the only girlfriend he’d ever had.

Holmes’ attorney Daniel King argued his client did not have a grasp on what he thought, did or felt during the time of the theatre shooting.

Two state-appointed forensic psychiatrists who evaluated Holmes determined that he was legally sane, despite severe mental illness.

The jurors and the state’s psychiatrists, however, refused to accept that argument. He was listening to loud techno music on headphones at the time, “to block out the screams”, the prosecution said.

Prosecutors showed jurors Holmes’ spiral notebook, where he scribbled a self-diagnosis of his “broken mind” and described his “obsession to kill” since childhood. Those will probably include more evidence of mental illness and a sympathetic portrayal of his childhood.