In a weird incident, a sweet- toothed bear broke into a bakery in the US state of Colorado and ate nearly 40 pies but gave the strawberry flavour a miss.

He had previously attempted to enter via the basement door where the pies are baked, but resorted to the window after failing to get through.

Bears are not usually known for being picky eaters, but this one apparently avoided the strawberry rhubarb pies like the plague.

Although he did leave behind a few clues; bite marks, paw prints and a trail of sugar.

Despite the minimal damage, the family has the mild suspicion, the hungry bear might have another late night hankering for some more pies and be back again.

“He took two with him”, Lehnert told Sky News.

Luckily, the bear never broke into the bakery’s freezer, where even more pies were stored.

While it sounds as if the bear was indiscriminate in his tastes, he actually had quite the discerning palate.

“Maybe he wasn’t feeling like a tart pie, I guess”, Mikaela added. The bear did not touch them.

“Cherry and apple was his favourite”.

‘According to the wildlife rangers, bears are used to cherry and apples smells, so he didn’t go for something that smelled unusual like the rhubarb, ‘ said Ms Lehnert.

The morning following the break-in, Lehnert and her mother found the mess he left behind and two pie boxes in the yard.