Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton offered her most pessimistic assessment yet of the Iran nuclear deal on Thursday, telling supporters the United States should not trust Tehran to carry out the agreement.

The Iowa Democratic Party approved my press credentials to attend the Hall of Fame Celebration Friday night for Blog for Iowa.

In Iowa, where caucus goers cast the country’s first ballots, the campaign paid $3.6 million for time in all eight media markets that serve the state.

Clinton’s standing is falling among Democrats, and voters view her as less decisive and inspiring than when she launched her presidential campaign just three months ago”, the AP reported.

Contrast that with Klauder’s views about Clinton, who has yet to win her enthusiastic support.

When questioned by Giselle Hart, an activist and student at the University of New Hampshire, and interrupted by a handful of protesters, Clinton said while it would be easy to make bold environmental statements, those promises would be empty given political realities.

Record-setting turnout by those groups twice propelled Obama to the White House and would be crucial to Clinton’s success.

The poll said 39 percent of the respondents “strongly agree” that “Hillary Clinton will say or do anything in order to get elected president”, while 19 percent say they “somewhat agree”. “I don’t think people dislike her. People want to believe in someone, and are looking for her to embrace this economic populist moment in a real way”, he said.

“”In fact, Paul Blumenthal and Kate Sheppard of the Huffington Post wrote on Friday, “[n]early all of the lobbyists bundling contributions for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign have at one time or another worked for the fossil fuel industry”. It was her first open-to-the-public town hall meeting, and it came as the Democratic front runner faces unexpected pressure from the more liberal Sen.

Clinton added that she doesn’t lose sleep over the rejection, noting “that thankfully changed with Sally Ride and a lot of the other great women astronauts”.

“Anytime you are the frontrunner I think you are trying to play it safe a bit”, said Henderson.

“I think she’s taken what she learned in Arkansas and it’s helped shape her domestic policy initiatives”, said Skip Rutherford, a longtime friend of the Clintons and dean of the Clinton School of Public Service.

As The Daily Caller reports, Podesta’s email with the subject line, “A ferocious onslaught of dark money”, warns that Republicans vying for the presidency are out-raising the former secretary of state, who, Podesta claims, is funded not so much by fat cats as by small-dollar donors.

“I like her, I respect her”, Sanders said this week, after joining fellow Senate Democrats at a luncheon with Clinton on Capitol Hill.

With 15 candidates vying for the Republican Party’s nomination, fundraising has become essential to surviving the campaign.

Bernie Sanders, former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, former Virginia Sen.

Chafee, a former Rhode Island governor who reportedly drove cross-country to Iowa from his home state, told ABC affiliate WOI-TV in Ames-Des Moines that he plans to stay in the race despite his having to pinch pennies.

The question is, though, whether candidates will go after the other Democrats – even though the candidates are in the room – or whether they will turn their focus on Republicans.